Improve Your Tan with Tingle Tanning Lotion

How to Choose the Best Tanning Lotion for You Tingle tanning lotions come in varieties ranging from slight to extreme. These lotions are considered best for use by those who are more advanced in the tanning stage as opposed to someone who has not yet obtained a good base tan. Those with highly sensitive skin may find tingle tanning lotions a bit too extreme.

  Tingle tanning lotions help you to get the best possible tan. The ingredients in these lotions very closely resemble those that are in muscle rubs. When you apply tingle tanning lotions, your blood flow will increase and you will likely notice that your skin begins to turn red. This simply means that the tanning lotion is working. The increased blood flow to your skin is what helps you to achieve a much deeper tan in less time than traditional tanning lotion. The increased blood flow that results from using tingle tanning lotions can also help your skin to repair itself much more quickly, resulting in a much better overall tan as well as healthier looking skin. These lotions increase the tanning time dramatically, giving you a much better tan in less time. Most advanced tanners will agree that adding to their tan is much easier with tingle tanning lotions, because they save time while maintaining a beautiful glowing tan.

  If you have never used a tingle tanning lotion, it is recommended that you begin with a product that boasts low intensity with regards to tingle. You may notice that even after you are finished tanning, your skin will still feel the effects of the lotion. Because tingle includes ingredients such as Hexyl Nicotinate, Benzyl Nicotinate and Methyl Nicotinate, you will definitely feel it the minute that you apply it and that is exactly what makes it speed up the tanning process and give you a beautiful tan in less time.